Geoinformatics will be the preferred choice for providing knowledge based  IT solutions through pioneering effort to meet market demands and execute customer expectation achieved by an empowered team of Geoinformatics , for maximum value to its shareholders


Geoinformatics is a strong player in the Government , Infrastructure Agriculture and plantation sectors by providing data & innovative solutions in Geo-spatial information ( GI ) & Enterprise information & Communication Technology (ICT)




Geospatial & GIS


Our specialty in surveying sciences made to provide accurate Land information in GIS segments combining High Resolution satellite images. GPS & Surveying and mapping with ICT. This enables us to provide the services of maintaining land databases for online applications to the clients.




Enterprise information & communication technology


Geoinformatics Provides comprehensive solutions and services covering high-end enterprise requirements of data security & management database foundations , for business solutions with location intelligence . Customer can generate real time reports & help immediate decision making using these facilities.




Real Time data


We provide real time data on Vehicle movements , liquid levels , Tank levels , mainly speeds , security with i-button & real time report generation facilities.




DEM & Contours


Geoinformatics  equipped & specialized generating 1 meter accuracy DEM & 1 m contours using high resolution satellite images. Our professional expertise  in surveying & leveling as surveyors , we make Ground controls to obtain the highest accuracy.




Specialized work


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