Overwhelmed by Documents?


Store and Manage your Files Online

Take advantage of a document management system to cut information retrieval time from hours to seconds.

Enterprise electronic document management system is extremely useful for both small and large companies.  It is a valuable tool in knowledge management processing that provides a more flexible and lower-cost alternative to other proprietary applications.


A company’s use of knowledge management systems facilitates the intelligent and efficient management of its resources.  This leads to significant productivity increases. These systems allow universal access to the information and knowledge that is generated within the organization.


It is easy to use Document Management System to manage your company’s documents. One of our major goals is the usability case study. The Document management application with a web user interface that permits the following operations: sharing, setting security roles, auditing, and finding enterprise documents and registers. It allows users to easily collaborate and communicate.


Solutions for the entire office.

Workforce Records, Accounting, Client Files… everything is full-text searchable and easy to find!

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Cross Platform


The software can be installed on Windows, Linux and Mac OS X. Each new version is subject to extensive testing to ensure the quality of the release

Anywhere Anytime


With our Cloud you're free to work wherever you want, all your digital documents are always accessible in a secure and reliable environment

Time Saving


Better organization of your documents and advanced collaboration capabilities, save your company time and increase productivity

Search, preview, versioning, and tablet access… all included.

Built on the powerful  Document management system, everything from full-text searching, to automated version control is included. A previewer lets you see what’s inside files before they are open. Plus, you can use a tablet or smartphone to get files while on the go.


  • User Role Security
  • Document Log
  • Records Management
  • Batch scanning
  • Office integration
  • Mobile access
  • Full text search
  • Document reminders
  • Reporting

Easy access right inside Windows


Familiar Windows navigation is combined with trouble-free cloud hosting.



  • Scan directly to the Digital File Cabinet
  • Automatic naming and filing
  • Fully text searchable
  • Files are stored in the cloud

Cloud connected, Windows integrated


Everything is stored online in a hosted cloud service so you can access files from anywhere… without the need for servers in the office.


Software + Cloud combines the ease of Windows navigation with the flexibility and cost savings of cloud hosting.

Intelligent electronic


Capture scanned paper documents and digital files on your computer and eliminate the hassles of filing cabinets and shared folders. Everything is organized in an easy-to-use cloud-based system.

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