What is Geocoding ?


Geocoding is the process of assigning geographic coordinates to data that contain addresses. The coordinates assigned to each address turn each record into a geographic object that can be displayed on a map or Satellite image.


Visualizing your records on a map can make the relationships among your data clearer. You can display your geocoded records against a street map, a ZIP Code, centroid map, a county map whatever is most appropriate to your needs. You can then use the wide variety of functions available in analyzing  softwares  to perform querying, create thematic maps, create territories, and perform many other types of geographic analysis.


Why Geocoding is important ?


Many companies have postal addresses of their employees, customers and competitors. Every business entity and government agency deals with address information. Addresses help the Postal Services to deliver mail.

A prospective customer, for example, may request service at


eg : 193, Welgedara, Kurunegala.


But what exactly, can   you tell from an address ? Can you provide service at this location? If so, does your prospective customer qualify for a specific offer or special rate?


Postal address do not , however, indicate important geographic-related attributes and characteristics that can impact risk, customer   satisfaction and profits.

For example, organizations need an accurate, automatic way to

  • Assign customers to territories for sales, service or pricing
  • Determine the distance from an office or service junction
  • Identify the Census Tract & parcel number for regulatory compliance
  • Calculate the proximity to a coastline, flood plains, and landslide prone areas or nearest disaster station




When it requires planning of activities  and analyses with the population and other data to determine the best the nearest route etc , The benefits of high-accuracy address geocoding are very important  and serve a diverse set of applications such as market segmentation, demographics, spatial, dispatched services, nearest location queries, sales districting and zoning, tax jurisdictions, elections, etc .


When geocoded data integrated with Spectrum Location Intelligence Module: Gain a true view of your data and customers so you can solve even the most complex of business problems. Verify locations and transform location insights into valuable business intelligence to reduce risk increase customer satisfaction and streamline operations. Easily harness the power of a range of spatial data and applications easily performing sophisticated analytics to help optimize business operations – including marketing sales service logistics and network management – across the enterprise.

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